A New Alien AAA Game Is Reportedly in the Works

The game is said to be a big-budget survival horror in the vein of Dead Space and Resident Evil and is supposedly planned to be released in 2023 for new-gen consoles.

It's been eight years since the release of Creative Assembly's survival horror title Alien: Isolation and so far there has been not much news about new games based on the science-fiction horror franchise, except for the real-time strategy from Tindalos Interactive Aliens: Dark Descent.

However, recently well-known insider Tom Henderson shared that a new AAA Alien game might be in development. Henderson published a new report via Insider Gaming citing his sources that allegedly provided information about the next Alien game as well as documentation that stated that the title is currently planned for the holiday 2023 release.

The game is supposedly codenamed "Marathon" and is planned to be a survival horror in the vein of Dead Space and Resident Evil. It is said to be developed for new-gen consoles with an alleged big budget. However, it's not clear what studio is in charge of the project.

In addition, Henderson said that the sequel to 2014's Alien: Isolation also might be in the works or being pitched now, although the insider was unable to verify the news and suggested that for now, it should be put "under the rumor category" until more information can be acquired.

Although Alien: Isolation was developed by Creative Assembly, it's currently unknown what the developer behind the future unnamed Alien game is. Creative Assembly is currently at hard work on the Total War franchise and its new multiplayer sci-fi FPS HYENAS, however, its Twitter page reads that the studio is now also working on two announced projects, so the Alien: Isolation sequel may be one of them.

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