A New Project Aims to Encourage Pay Transparency in Games Industry

The project collects data from industry professionals across various roles and sectors and evaluates the average annual pay in the UK games industry.

CEO of the UK-based indie studio Silent Games Sally Blake, communications manager of British game development studio Media Molecule Gemma Cooper, and project manager of not-for-profit organization Creative England Chris Filip launched an initiative set to encourage pay transparency in the UK games industry.

To participate in the initiative, game industry workers from the UK and Ireland can anonymously share their salaries via Google form. The project gathers information from various professionals in the industry and sums them up in the spreadsheet revealing the average salaries across different roles and sectors.

At the time of writing, the spreadsheet includes over 1,300 entries and uses the data to calculate the average annual pay across almost 50 jobs and 7 skill levels (intern, junior, intermediate, senior, expert/principal, leader, and director).

For instance, according to the sheet, a game designer's average salary at the junior level is £26,000, £44,000 at the senior level, and £87,000 at the director level.

The data gathered to date reveals that the lowest-paid role is a quality assurance worker – the representatives of this job get around £21,000 at the junior level, £27,000 at the senior level, and £35,000 at the leader level. The highest-paid roles, according to the spreadsheet, are in online programming where the workers get average pay of £30,000 for interns, £70,000 for seniors, and £90,000 for leadership positions. Business development, data analysis, and production are also among the higher-paid roles.

Please note that the team is still getting responses from the games industry representatives, so these figures may change. If you are from the UK or Ireland, you can also take part in the survey here.

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