A New Unity-Made Building Game Inspired by Townscaper

Viewfinder creator Matt Stark shipped a new web-based game that lets you create pixelated dioramas.

Matt Stark, an Indie Game Developer and the creator of Viewfinder, an incredible Unity-powered first-person puzzle platformer that challenges your perception with its reality-defying gameplay mechanics, has launched a new web-based game that you can easily spend a couple of hours on. Check out Coal Toy, a Townscaper-inspired building game that enables you to create pixelated 3D dioramas with an industrial twist, featuring mine carts, coal silos, furnaces, smokestacks, and other machinery.

Powered by Unity, the game allows you to generate your own small worlds and set up adorable little factories from the convenience of your browser, being available via Itch.io, and then share your creations with others. The developer also mentions that Coal Toy was a small side project and, as such, isn't thoroughly optimized.

Here are some incredible demos shared by Matt:

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