A Pratical Application for the Stable Diffusion AI

Russ Maschmeyer showed a cool prototype that demonstrates how Stable Diffusion and AR can be used for commerce.

Shopify's AR/VR Product Lead Russ Maschmeyer has demonstrated an interesting use case for Stable Diffusion's text-to-speech capabilities and how the AI can be used for commerce. The author showed a cool prototype service that would allow its users to come up with ideas for real-life wallpapers, preview AI-generated results in AR, and instantly purchase the final product with the exact design a person would want.

According to Russ, the patterns seen in the prototype were created using the prompts you can hear in the video above, as well as the tiling technique developed at Shopify. What's more, thanks to AR, it is possible for the prototype to visualize the product in the real world and automatically size the order.

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