A Realistic Face Made Using Maya & DeepFace Live

Check out this cool deepfake face, made by Hirokazu Yokohara.

Each passing day, the technologies surrounding AI-generated ultra-realistic faces become better and better. 3D Generalist and Character Artist Hirokazu Yokohara has revealed a cool deepfake face that can easily be mistaken for a real one at the first glance. According to the artist, the project is a test of a Maya viewport applied in a real-time deepfake. To create the deepfake itself, the author used DeepFace Live. The workflow was based on that of Brielle Garcia, an AR/VR Software Developer, who is also known for creating realistic deepfakes.

In case you are interested, DeepFace Live is a cool machine-learning-based program that allows swapping a face in streaming or video calls. The program comes with public face models that can swap any face without training but you can also create any face you want and train the program so that it swaps your face with the one you desire. Please note, however, that DeepFace Live is designed for face swapping in streams, the ability to change faces in the videos is for test purposes only. You can learn more about the program here.

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