A Realistic Facial Rig Made With BlendShapes & Joints

The rig was created by Pavlo Kotliar and features adjustable eyes, mouth, and wrinkles.

3D Technical Animator Pavlo Kotliar, known for creating impressively-realistic rigs in Maya, has unveiled yet another project that might inspire 3D Character Artists. This time, the author has managed to create an amazing and realistic facial rig with adjustable eyes, mouth, and wrinkles, allowing the rigged character to express tons of different emotions.

Inspired by Snappers' rigging technologies, Pavlo's rig utilizes BlendShapes to create basic deformations and Joints to create several layers of corrective deformations. Additionally, the artist used two layers of Texture Maps blending based on painted masks and generated Tension Maps to create large and micro wrinkles.

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