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A Stylized Mech Made Entirely With Substance 3D Software

The artist utilized Substance 3D Painter, Modeler, Stager, and Designer to create the piece.

Demo Artist at Adobe Substance 3D Cino Lai, who previously demonstrated how to set up a cool embroidery shader, has revealed a cool new project. This time, the artist presented Hope, a beautiful stylized ivy-covered mech prop with tons of small details and eye-catching parts. The coolest thing about the project is that it was made entirely with Substance 3D software, showing how the toolset can be utilized to its fullest potential. According to the artist, a combination of Modeler and Designer was used for modeling, Painter for texturing, and Stager for rendering. Additionally, the creator utilized assets and brushes from the Substance 3D Assets library.

What's more, the artist also presented a comprehensive breakdown of the entire project, disassembling and demonstrating the characteristics and some important functions of each key step and showcasing how each software was used. You can access the full breakdown by clicking this link.

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  • Anonymous user

    Isn't that the time machine Cell stole after killing Trunks? Not really a mech, unless you're referring to something else?


    Anonymous user

    ·a year ago·

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