Breakdown: Setting Up an Embroidery Shader With Substance 3D Software

Learn how Cino Lai created the embroidery for the Python Robe project in Substance 3D Painter, Designer, and Stager.

A week ago, Cino Lai, a Demo Artist at the Adobe Substance 3D team, shared a project titled Python Robe, a stunning cloak prop made using Substance 3D software and Marvelous Designer. Among other things, the robe featured complex Chinese-style embroidery that impressed many people online and made them question the method of creation behind the patterns.

Luckily for them, the artist followed up on the project by releasing a comprehensive breakdown of how the embroidery setup works. In this breakdown, Cino thoroughly explained the method used for the Python Robe project from start to finish, discussed how this method can be used to customize shaders painted with various brushes, and spoke about combining the power of Substance 3D's Painter, Designer, and Stager. You can access the breakdown by visiting Cino's ArtStation page.

And here's the Python Robe itself:

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