AI Reconstructs Faces Using Audio Recordings
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Latest comments Awesome article!

by Keith Parker
19 hours ago

This is techno-sorcery!

by Bob
23 hours ago

Unite India is here:

AI Reconstructs Faces Using Audio Recordings
28 May, 2019

More terrifying news from the AI world: complex algorithms can now reconstruct a facial image from an audio recording of a person speaking.

In a paper titled “Speech2Face: Learning the Face Behind a Voice“, a team of researchers examines an approach that could allow defining facial attributes using audio recordings. “How much can we infer about a person’s looks from the way they speak? In this paper, we study the task of reconstructing a facial image of a person from a short audio recording of that person speaking”, states the description.

The team behind the paper designed and trained a deep neural network that perform this task using millions of natural Internet/YouTube videos of people speaking. During training, their model learned voice-face correlations that lets it produce images that “capture various physical attributes of the speakers such as age, gender and ethnicity”. This is said to be done in a self-supervised manner, utilizing the natural co-occurrence of faces and speech in Internet videos, without the need to model attributes explicitly.

The paper studies the whole idea in depth and evaluates how reconstructions resemble the true face images of the speakers. You can learn more about the work and find the full paper here.

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gayjoeBeggar MidasFrank Trifonovic Recent comment authors

What about a research that link your voice to your criminal record? minority report is not very far.

Beggar Midas
Beggar Midas

Well, that’s a very novel, frankly terrifying method of walking backwards from the data to the identity. Comes jam packed with a bunch of consequences I strongly doubt the study authors have bothered to consider, too. You’ve just found a means of unmasking everyone, everywhere that’s ever been, or ever will be recorded. Let that sink in, roll it around in your skull for a bit to more fully process it. Take some time letting that maxwell’s demon eat away any remaining peace of mind you may have remained in possession of until this moment, despite everything previous to it… Read more »

Frank Trifonovic
Frank Trifonovic

Let’s see how long it takes before the SJWs accuse this algorithm of racism and try to dox it.


5 days. im here now b*tch

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