Anime-Style Blood Effect Made With Geometry Nodes

Kris Bettini has unveiled yet another amazing Blender-made project.

3D Technical Artist and Programmer Kris Bettini, who just recently shared a fascinating deep sea water shader made in Blender Cycles, impresses us for the second week in a row with a new outstanding project. This time, the artist has set up a cool-looking blood VFX that heavily resembles blood effects in Japanese anime and manga, as well as Frank Miller's Sin City comics. According to Kris, the effect was created using Blender's Geometry Nodes.

"Drawn curves resampled to 2 points turned to mesh with line profile, extruded up into a cube, cut from scene with boolean, boolean edges extruded, random variation for vertex positions, Voronoi texture with transparency," commented the creator on the development process behind the effect.

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