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Apple Revealed Its AR Headset

VisionPro is meant to introduce us to spatial computing.

At the Worldwide Developers Conference, Apple presented its long-awaited AR headset VisionPro. It is meant to be controlled as naturally as possible: with your eyes, hands, and voice.

The device introduces its users to spatial computing. The developers want it to be intuitive, so you can use it without any additional hardware, and make it so you are never isolated. That's why the headset's 3D display shows your eyes so you can maintain eye contact. The technology, called EyeSight, makes sure people around you know where you are looking and see when you are busy: in this case, the outside screen hides your eyes.

The apps in the headset respond dynamically to light and cast shadows. You can add as many programs to the space around you as you want, follow them with your eyes to adjust, and select by tapping your fingers.

The AR device works with Apple apps seamlessly and can be connected to a MacBook wirelessly if you just look at it. The screens allow rendering videos at a 4K resolution and ensure the text you see is visible from every angle.

VisionPro features spacial audio that adjusts to your room. The casing is highly customizable all around. If you wear glasses, it should be comfortable for you as the device magnetically attaches to the lenses.

It features foveated rendering, a multi-app 3D engine, and a separate battery so you don't have to wear too much weight on your head.

Apple took care of security as well, providing Optic ID – a system that remembers your unique iris so you can unlock your device safely.

The company also announced its partnership with Unity, meaning its apps can use the headset's features and be displayed side by side with integrated programs.

VisionPro will be released in the US early next year, with other countries following later, and cost $3,499. 

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