Apple To Get Into Feature Animation
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by Thomas Guillemot
2 hours ago

Well that's a lot of hats !

by Thomas Van Fossen
7 hours ago

So why not finish the project but making it super generic? Strip all star wars terms out. Then when the game is finished, allow for modders to make a conversion mod that will reinsert the star wars material? That way he can finish it and we all can get what we want and no one has to give up on their dreams.

by Kelvin Hubbert
9 hours ago

When are you guys going to make God of War 5?

Apple To Get Into Feature Animation
15 June, 2018

Apple is said to have plans connected with producing animated features, according to a report by Bloomberg. It is stated that the company is now in talks with Ireland’s Cartoon Saloon. Cartoon Saloon is known for its Oscar-nominated films The Breadwinner, The Secret of Kells, and Song of the Sea, and the preschool series Puffin Rock. You can find the trailer for one of Cartoon Saloon’s upcoming feature film projects, The Wolfwalkers, below.

Apple wants to acquire distribution rights for a number of countries for some unnamed Cartoon Saloon project. The team would also probably prepare a theatrical release for the film to qualify for the Academy Awards. No comments from Apple and Cartoon Saloon on the topic yet.

The report points out that the deal hasn’t been sealed yet, but it is safe to say that investing in feature animation is a gamechanger for Apple. The company has already begun to invest in original series animation, for example, its recently announced Central Park series from 20th Century Fox Television.

Apple still hasn’t presented its new streaming platform, but it will probably be designed for iPhones and iPads. The company has recently hired children’s entertainment expert Tara Sorensen to manage creative development for children’s programming.

Source: Bloomberg

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