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Artist Gives Unreal Engine's New Animations a Spider-Verse Treatment

Check out Gary Whitton's latest experiment with stop-motion in UE5.

In case you missed the news, last week, Epic Games delighted thousands of Unreal Engine users by shipping Game Animation Sample Project, a free-to-download animation database featuring 500+ high-quality character animations. Complete with fully functional character and animation Blueprints, the pack is powered by Unreal's novel Motion Matching toolset, which selects the best frame of animation to play from its motion database, bringing dynamic, fully functional animation systems essential for game development. 

Gary Whitton, a Game Developer and 3D Animator, was among the first to test out the new collection, giving the animations a "stop-motion treatment" and making them look like they came straight from Spider-Verse animated movies. According to the author, the setup is quite simple, powered by an additional Control Rig, which caches the pose and only updates on a set interval. You can check out the results of Gary's experiment attached above or by visiting the creator's Twitter page.

It's worth noting that when it comes to stop-motion-like 3D animation, this is not Gary's first rodeo. The style in question is also used in REVOIDER, a cinematic adventure game the artist has been working on since at least 2019. You can check out some of the cool behind-the-scenes demos and learn more about REVOIDER by clicking this link.

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