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Artist Shows How to Grow Procedural Foliage in Unreal Engine 5.4

Ali Siddiqui showed how to leverage UE5.4's new tools to create a realistic foliage growth FX.

Ahead of the upcoming release of Unreal Engine 5.4, a new and improved version of the engine set to launch next month, 3D Artist and Designer Ali Siddiqui, also known as ali.3d, has shared a new insightful tutorial explaining how to set up a procedural foliage growth effect using UE5.4.

In his step-by-step guide, the artist explained how to utilize the engine's novel Motion Design mode to create the effect in question, explaining how to add multiple cloners and how to blend effectors together, demonstrating the animation workflow in Sequencer, discussing the randomization of clones, and providing some useful tips and tricks along the way.

The author further emphasized that while the effect in question can also be made using Niagara, the new tools offered by Unreal Engine 5.4 are "a lot more fun to use". You can watch the full tutorial attached above or by visiting the creator's YouTube channel.

And here are some of ali.3d's earlier tutorials, you can check out more of the artist's works by clicking this link:

Speaking of Unreal Engine 5.4, during its State of Unreal presentation at Game Developers Conference 2024, Epic Games officially launched the long-awaited Preview version of Unreal Engine 5.4, allowing you to try out the upgraded engine's new features before its release.

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