Auto Rig System by Xiong Lin

Xiong Lin has recently shared a look at his stunning procedural auto rig.

Xiong Lin (check out the developer’s website) has recently shared a look at his stunning procedural auto rig. The system is a module-based automatic tool that can also function as an asset manager.

The developer calls his project “Jigsaw” as it’s kind of a puzzle where you can combine different rig modules together to set up all kinds of creatures. “For example, I use 2 arm rigs, 2 legs rigs, 2 hand rigs, 1 torso rig, and 1 neck rig to build a basic human character. If I add 2 more wing rigs, I can build an angel character,” noted the artist.

In total, there are 21 rig modules as of this moment. The artist uses Python and object-oriented programming when writing his modules. It all begins with a basic rig class called “Base Rig” which features basic information. “Then all rest rig modules are inherited from the base rig and further developed to become more complicated rig modules.”


  • IK FK Switch
  • IK control auto-stretch
  • Soft IK
  • Elbow offset/lock
  • Limb squeeze and squash
  • Local scale
  • IK control space switch
  • FK control rotation space switch
  • Limb Length can be adjusted in both FK and IK modes
  • And more

The system is just amazing as it allows to jump back to previous rig building stage to modify or fix the rig without losing the progress which allows to reposition the joints and rebuild the rig with just one click. The system also lets share data between characters if they are similar to save time.

You can learn more about the artist’s project here.

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  • Julie

    Nice work!



    ·4 years ago·
  • Anonymous user

    Great job! I want this too! Please make it somehow available!


    Anonymous user

    ·4 years ago·
  • John Doe

    I want this!


    John Doe

    ·4 years ago·

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