Avatar SDK Released MetaPerson Avatars

The team has announced the release of a tool for creating 3D MetaPersons from selfies. 

The Avatar SDK team announces the release of the MetaPerson full-body avatars. The new avatars can be almost instantly created from selfies and then immersed into a 3D experience, be that a metaverse like VRChat or Mozilla Hubs, virtual meetings platform, a game, or a Zoom call.

The animation rig for the bodies is compatible with Adobe’s Mixamo, so a large set of animations can be applied. The head is based on the Avatar SDK’s Head 2.0. It is created from a single selfie and supports a lot of customizations like hairstyles, hair color, skin color, and outfits. The face of the Avatar can be animated using facial mocap and audio lipsync.

  • Instantly created
  • Fixed body shape
  • Adobe's Mixamo compatible rig

Core features: 

  • Body mesh resolution: 36K
  • Outfits mesh resolution: 30K-60K
  • Body texture resolution: 4096x2048
  • Outfits texture resolution: 2048x2048 and 4096x4096
  • Body generation time: 21 sec 
  • Outfit generation time: 1 sec
  • Body model size: 4.84 Mb (.glb, ZIP)
  • Outfit model size: 3.1 Mb (.glb, ZIP, with texture)

"We are the team of AI and computer graphics enthusiasts on a mission to enable anyone to look and feel like themselves in a virtual world. We have created Avatar SDK that turns selfies into realistic avatars. We were founded by the developers of the OpenCV library, and we train a lot of deep neural networks that create your 3D avatar for a metaverse, a game, or any other 3D experience. Our first product was a 3D scanner that is used for medical, fitness, and entertainment applications.", says the Avatar SDK team. 

Learn more about this tool and create your MetaPerson here

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