Back To The Future-Inspired Short Film Made in Houdini

The project was made by Arvid Schneider and Carsten Baars.

Lighting Supervisor Arvid Schneider and Houdini FX Artist Carsten Baars have unveiled an absolutely incredible Back To The Future-Inspired short film, imagining the series' legendary DMC DeLorean traveling through the space-time continuum and arriving in the 2023 version of Vancouver, Canada.

According to a short description provided by Schneider, the team utilized SideFX's Houdini, Autodesk's Arnold, and Foundry's Katana to create and render the short and set up its fantastic visual effects.

"The Delorean from Back to the Future departed from the 80s with a loud roar as it zoomed through space-time, with Marty and Doc Brown at the helm. The flux capacitor was charged and ready for its destination, which was Vancouver, Canada, in the year 2023. As the car traveled through the space-time continuum, the world outside changed in a blur. The streets of Vancouver were bustling with energy as they arrived in the future, and Marty couldn't help but marvel at the technological advancements that surrounded him. With the knowledge they gained from their journey, they knew they could make a better future for everyone," commented the team on the story behind the short.

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