Baldur's Gate 3 Finally Gets Playable Epilogues & Hardcore Mode

Over 1.3 million players have finished the game.

Image credit: Larian Studios

When I finished Baldur's Gate 3 for the first time, I was shocked to see there was no epilogue – the most important part of any game that offers you choices. I'm still confused as to why Larian Studios took care of countless tiny details but then thought it was fine to leave out such a crucial part. However, it all doesn't matter now because Patch 5 for Baldur's Gate 3 has been released, and with it come playable epilogues and other awesome stuff that will make you go back to the adventure.

To access this new section, just load the save before the final boss. Larian prepared new cinematics for the story, "some of the most complex writing" for the dialogues, and letters from old friends. Hopefully, it will bring us all the long-awaited closure, which over 1.3 million players haven't gotten – that's how many people have completed the game, according to the studio. 

Image credit: Larian Studios

Aside from epilogues, there are new game modes that should make hardcore players sweat. BG3 is not an excruciatingly difficult game, even in the Tactician mode, so Larian introduced two new ways to play: Honour Mode and Custom Mode. The first makes everything hurt and kill you. And when you're dead, that's it, start again or continue but in a different mode. But if you complete a permadeath run, you'll be rewarded with a golden D20 – a very nice touch.

Custom Mode, on the other hand, lets you adjust some parameters:  you can set Short Rests so they fully heal the party, disable Death Saving Throws, hide failed Perception Checks, and more.

Image credit: Larian Studios

This is not all, however. One of my favorite updates is the inventory one. Finally, you don't have to ask one companion to leave so you could invite another one just to take stuff from their bag and let them go again. Everybody's inventories can now be accessed easily at the camp.

In their bags, you might suddenly find Orin's fantastic outfit, which now drops from her body (that sounded better in my head.) Characters also have new clothes for the final party in the epilogue, so go finish Baldur's Gate 3 to see them, especially since Act 3 is now much more pleasant to play thanks to performance improvements.

Other than that, Korean players will be happy to hear they can enjoy the game with subtitles in their native language, and PlayStation 5 owners can now experience dynamic resolution. Oh, and Larian is working on improving all the characters' kisses, neat!

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