Bandai Namco: Elden Ring Has Exceeded Expectations of Both Fans and the Company

Bandai Namco Europe CEO Arnaud Muller shared that Elden Ring has exceeded the publisher's expectations and noted that the game is "just a beginning" of the publishers' expansion to the Western market.

Bandai Namco has recently shared that its action RPG Elden Ring has exceeded the expectations of both the publisher and players noting that the hit game is "just a beginning" of the publishers' expansion to the Western market.

Speaking to, Bandai Namco Europe CEO Arnaud Muller stated that the success of FromSoftware's most recent title exceeded the publisher's forecasts. Muller shared that the company expected that Elden Ring would be a really high-quality game, however, it was surprised by the fact that the title managed to reach such a big audience.

"The open world, the accessibility of the game, the depth, it clearly has surpassed our expectations and also fans' expectations. It's a great success," Muller said. "I think we anticipated that the game was going to be a very high quality game but the fact that it touched such a large audience is extremely pleasing and we're very happy." 

According to Muller, one of the reasons for the game's success is that the developers were able to convey to the players that despite its complexity, Elden Ring is accessible to everyone. Muller believes that this is why the game has attracted even those who were not previously familiar with the Dark Souls or Bloodborne series.

Elsewhere in the interview, Mueller stated that one of the main goals of Bandai Namco is to increase its presence in the West. The company has already had some truly successful releases, but the executive emphasized that the company wishes to show progress across the entire portfolio rather than concentrate on one title.

"Bandai Namco Europe is focused on developing its own IPs and increasing the weight of the portfolio in the West within the Bandai Namco Group, but there is so much great content coming from Japan that we're very excited for the years to come, and Elden Ring, I'm tempted to say, is just the beginning of that," Muller concluded.

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