The Art of Battlefield 1

Massive battles of World War 1 recreated with the help of photogrammetry.


Battlefield 1 is finally out, so we get to experience one of the largest, most dynamic battles in FPS history with some well-known peculiarities of EA’s franchise. This time the game features World War I with massive battles across land, air and sea and powerful, efficient weaponry. Tanks, planes, machine guns, artillery – these will come in handy when the time comes for multiplayer battles. 


The game is not just about battles of course. It is a true visual masterpiece by DICE that pushes the boundaries of photorealism in games. The company implemented photogrammetry, making sure authenticity gets to the highest level. 

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It is worth noting that the amazing vegetation here was created by DICE Vegetation artist Simon Barle, who has previously told us about his work for Battlefield and his team. 

You look into the distance and see planes torn apart by gunfire, their debris raining down over London. In war-torn France to the east, horrible armored tanks tear holes in walls as they roll through crumbling cities. To the south, past the burning Italian coast, men charge over the sand dunes of the Arabian Desert, armed to the teeth with the most powerful weaponry the world has ever seen. 

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This time you join massive 64-player battles and experience unexpected moments in a setting where the old world was destroyed, giving way to the new one. The destruction is up, so the multiplayer can easily become the most epic ever. 


It’s been years since Battlefield game had important singleplayer campaign. Battlefield 1’s campaign is really important – it doesn’t tell a story of one man, guiding you through storylines of several men and women. It does not only add to the narrative, but also bring authentic theaters of the Great War. 

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The stories of characters are well-written and varied with some trying to survive, others looking for redemption or fighting against occupation. It all feels like some sort of movie – well-written plot with a definitive canvas. 


Battlefield 1 is a massive reinvention for the series – its multiplayer part continues the path of the previous path bringing some new tricks and its singleplayer part is something totally new. Battlefield 1 is perhaps the most important part of the series since Bad Company 2 and also, without a doubt, the most beautiful. 

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The screenshots used in this article were made by Berdu, the master of screenshots from Finland.

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