Bioshock recreated with CryEngine

Bioshock recreated with CryEngine

3d-artist Gametime recreated the intro sequence of Bioshock using CryEngine.

We all love Bioshock. This is probably one of the best shooters out there. A great example of top-notch technology married with fantastic gameplay and clever writing. It is not perfect though. Unreal Engine did not age as well as the whole Bioshock series and right now the first title about the underwater utopia looks a bit old. However, there’s one fan who fixed the whole thing.

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An American 3d-artist Gametime (real name is currently unknown) recreated the intro sequence of the memorable shooter using CryEngine 3.5.8. The results are, well, quite extraordinary. The game looks incredible.

Here’s what the designer had to say about his small experiment:

I loved working on this project, because it forced me to push myself further, having to learn Zbrush for the sculptures and becoming more involved with CryEngines Trackview, Flowgraph and audio systems. I would like to further push this scene in the future by involving the player into the animations and extend the scene to Rapture itself.

Gametime used some rocks, decals and audio files from Crytek and the music from Irrational Games. All in all it looks impressive. Way to go!


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    Bioshock recreated with CryEngine