Blender's Geometry Nodes Simulation Branch Has Been Released

The branch is set to be merged with Blender 3.5 upon its release.

In case you missed it, several days ago, Blender's Developer Jacques Lucke announced the release of the Geometry Nodes Simulation Branch, a new framework for Blender that enables you to set up basic simulations. At the moment, the system is at its earliest stages of development and, according to Jacques, has many limitations yet to be fixed. The branch is set to be merged with Blender 3.5, a WIP version of the software currently in alpha, upon its release next year.

Despite the framework's unrefined state, many Blender Artists have already tried setting up neat simulations using it. Just yesterday, we reported on a cool-looking swarm of bugs simulation set up by 3D Artist and Game Developer Shahzod Boyhonov in order to test out the branch.

And here's one more amazing simulation, created by Buildify developer Pavel Oliva:

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