Breakdown: Voxelizing a Photogrammetry Mesh to Use in Unreal Engine

Victor Careil showed a neat way of rendering photogrammetry assets in UE.

Victor Careil, known to many as the developer of Voxel Plugin, a cool add-on that allows creating fully volumetric, destructible, infinite worlds in Unreal Engine, has shared a small breakdown that Unreal game developers might find extremely useful. In this breakdown, the author showed a neat way of voxelizing a photogrammetry-made mesh to render it in Unreal Engine.

According to the developer, the proposed GPU-based method allows to lower the weight of a photogrammetry mesh, thus reducing the time required to render it. What's more, the voxelization technique shown by Victor supports collisions, only loading the area around the player to reduce performance impact.

You can check out more of Victor's breakdowns here and learn more about Voxel Plugin over here.

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