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Capturing Hand and Finger Motion With an AI-Powered App Move One

Brian Westfall has demonstrated the capabilities of Move AI's new software.

Several days ago, Move AI, a studio specializing in creating top-of-the-line motion capture software powered by artificial intelligence, unveiled Move One, a brand-new AI-boosted mobile app that enables motion capture using just a phone, allowing one to get motion data from videos in mere minutes without mocap suits or markers.

Brian Westfall, a Virtual Filmmaker and self-described Cinematic Rebel/Film Futurist, was quick to experiment with the new application, showcasing Move One's ability to capture hand and finger motion. Using the toolset and a single-camera setup, the author managed to achieve a stunning hand animation, describing the result as "pretty damn impressive".

"As always, I challenged the AI with quick motions, and for the most part, the tech kept pace. There are some hiccups with thumb and wrist movements," commented the author. "I'm eager to test Move AI's multi-camera system... just as soon as I can round up enough iPhones!"

And here are some of the other artists' experiments with Move One:

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