CharaChorder: A Cool Device for Ultra-Fast Typing

This new keyboard allows you to type 300-500 words per minute.

According to statistics, an average human typing speed on the QWERTY keyboard is 40 words per minute, with skilled typists managing to hit 100-200 words per minute. This cool device, however, promises to elevate anyone to the level of master-typists and beyond.

Meet CharaChorder, a peripheral device that allows you to type faster than it is physically possible on a normal keyboard. The device slightly resembles a gamepad with 18 joysticks sticking out of it. These joysticks detect motion in 3 dimensions so users have access to over 300 unique inputs without their fingers breaking contact with the device. What's more, users can type entire words in a single motion by pressing all the letters of a word simultaneously. CharaChorder’s internal processor arranges the letters on-screen in real-time faster than the human eye can perceive.

What's more, the device is highly customizable with over 17 billion possible combinations per profile. This allows users to set up the device to their specific needs. The creators comment, that their additional software will help you to also push the limits of your CPU and make the experience even better.

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