Check Out These Paintings Entirely Generated by AI

The pictures were made in Disco Diffusion – a notebook that uses diffusion models that train neural networks.

One of the questions bothering people all over the world is can (and should) Artificial Intelligence create art? Can it be called art if it's made by a machine? However you look at it, the images AI makes can certainly look striking.

Have a look at some of them: Annis Naeem – Plumehead Studio's CEO and former Riot Games Art Director – shared some great pictures made by AI in Disco Diffusion using Katherine Crowson's fine-tuned 512x512 diffusion model.

Diffusion models work "by corrupting the training data by progressively adding Gaussian noise." They wipe out details in the data until it becomes pure noise and then train a neural network to reverse the corruption process. 

Disco Diffusion is a CLIP-guided notebook, which means it creates images from text input. For example, for one of the pictures, Naeem uses the description "A 1950s spaceship lands on a planetary surface as an alien watches the descent of flame come down."

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    I've been starting to do this as well, its very fun to do!
    Here's a link to the stuff I've made with it:



    ·a year ago·

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