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Check Out These Sci-Fi 3D Characters With Awesome Stylized Shaders

Calder Moore's Searcher collection is truly a marvel to behold.

Today, let's take a look at Searchers, a collection of spectacular stylized sci-fi 3D characters created by Calder Moore, a talented Digital Artist specializing in 2D/3D shading, texturing, and illustrative work.

Boasting hundreds of eye-catching details, each Searcher looks distinctive and unique, drawing inspiration from diverse genres like cyberpunk, ancient Japan, and more. What unites them all, however, is the incredible stylized shader used by the artist to give the characters their truly one-of-a-kind appearance.

To set up each character, the author utilizes an assortment of various 3D and video editing applications, including but not limited to ZBrush, Cinema 4D, Arnold, Marvelous Designer, Photoshop, and Character Creator.

Moreover, each searcher comes with their own unique story, making Calder's universe feel alive. Here's, for example, the story of Searcher 009 – Vernon and Cosmo, depicted above:

"In a past life, Vernon was a supplies runner during the Great Arthropod War, the battle against the giant genetically altered bug army. Piloting an agile ship to go in and out of dangerous areas to reinforce the frontlines.

During the war his ship was boarded and ransacked by bugs, causing it to crash. Stranded in the planet's decimated forest, he befriended a small critter who was starved, searching for food. Vernon had an energy bar in his jacket pocket, opened it up, took a bite from it and offered it to the critter, and went on his way. The creature pursued, refusing to leave his side. Little did he know, this offering had created a bond between them. Giving into the new bond, he then named him Cosmo.

Since then he lays low, piloting a cargo ship for off-planet shipping, smuggling glimmer out of Vulture City for the Lightbringers. People don't usually question him as he always puts on a mean-looking demeanor, which combined with his scars, scares off any thoughts of ill doings."

We highly encourage you to visit the artist's Twitter and ArtStation pages to learn more about the Searchers series and check out Calder's earlier works.

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