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Check Out This WIP Procedural Generator For Creating Fallout Vaults

The generator was built using Blender's Geometry Nodes.

Love it or loathe it, it's hard to argue that Amazon's Fallout TV show served as a source of inspiration for thousands of individuals worldwide, reigniting passion for the Fallout franchise within the community and prompting many to pay homage to the beloved game series in any way they can. One such individual is 3D Artist Lopo Isaac, who recently shared a couple of neat demos showcasing his custom-made procedural generator that enables one to make layouts for Fallout-style Vaults in 3D.

Currently WIP, this setup enables its creator to produce simple layouts with multiple rooms connected by narrow corridors, reminiscent of the original Quake, in just a few clicks. Additionally, the generator places light objects and random assets throughout the maps, elevating the generated levels beyond mere dark empty halls. According to Isaac, the tool was set up in Blender using the software's Geometry Nodes toolset.

"I used the mix color node to make it green, the Lens Distortion node, and some textures for color variation," commented the artist on how the Pip-Boy-like window in the bottom-left corner was made. "The 'STAT, INV...' thing is a mesh parented to the camera.

Sadly, it seems that the generator was conceived solely as an experimental project and won't be made available as a downloadable asset anytime soon. Isaac mentioned that his main aim was to test the feasibility of using Geometry Nodes to generate random maps, noting that he currently has no plans to continue refining the setup.

Back in early 2022, the artist also impressed us with his amazing parallax effect made for a 3D recreation of the LoFi Girl in Blender by mixing the UV coordinates of a texture with the incoming vector:

And here are some of Isaac's more recent projects that you may also find interesting, you can check out more by visiting the author's Twitter page:

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