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Chris Jones Casually Unveils the Most Lifelike Blender-Made Facial Animation

The author's Human Progress series continues to evolve one update at a time.

Out of all the legendary 3D Character Artists, one of the most peculiar ones is undeniably Chris Jones, known to the community not only for his CG masterpieces but also his unusual habit of going radio silent for half a year, only to reappear suddenly and blow everyone's mind with his newest artwork.

Recently, the creator pulled that off once again, casually revealing what could arguably be the most realistic facial animation ever produced in Blender. Dubbed Glitter, this new artwork portrays a sparkling hyperrealistic female face, crafted entirely by hand in Blender and Krita without relying on scans, photos, or motion capture.

According to the creator, the model was prepared as part of his ongoing Human Progress series and set up for rendering about a year ago but was later postponed in anticipation of a fix for the hair jitter bug. Growing impatient with the wait, Chris took matters into his own hands, resolving the issue by disconnecting the scalp hair and eyebrows from the body.

"Creating the basic effect was simple enough, but to get the glitter to glint properly I needed the Voronoi displacement to override the skin pores with facets (like glitter flakes), instead of being mixed with them, which diffuses the effect somewhat," commented the artist. "Implementing this unearthed a baffling problem though, in which the displacements completely turn off when a few face wrinkle masks are active. So I tried reconfiguring large chunks of the skin, makeup, and wrinkle nodes so that the displacement textures are mixed before being converted to vectors instead of afterward."

Also, check out some of Chris' earlier works:

We highly encourage you to visit the author's YouTube channelTwitter page, and official website to check out more of Chris' awesome digital character projects.

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