Convert 3D: Free Platform for Easy 3D Model Conversion

The tool supports 51 file formats.

Take a look at Convert 3D, a free platform that does what you expect it to do: it converts 3D models from one file format to another.

Its best points are that it's free and easy to use without downloading extra software. You can convert your projects right in your browser to any of the 51 formats, including OBJ, FBX, STL, GLB, GLTF, BLEND, and 3DS.

If you're worried about the developers from Sharkato getting access to your files, don't be: the service works locally using WebAssembly – an instruction format for virtual machines. The creators promise that it takes less than a second to convert a simple model.

Image credit: Sharkato

"We're using NextJS to make sure that pages load instantly. Then, when you drag in a model, we run a WebAssembly program that does the actual conversion in your browser rather than a server in the cloud.

"The app is written in C and C++ to get as close to the metal as we can and convert your model as fast as possible. We then combine a bunch of technologies under the hood; Assimp, Threejs, and other libraries that are bespoke for specific formats. And finally, we preview the scene with Babylon JS and let you download the converted model. Well, "download" might not be the right word, but "transport from your browser's sandbox" is, well, not great either."

Image credit: Sharkato

While Convert 3D is free, there is also a Pro version with advanced features for professionals. It offers the same functionality as the free one plus some:

  • Private model sharing
  • Asset Organizer
  • Web embedding
  • Automation
  • Cloud conversion
  • Scripting

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