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Creating an Urban Scene with Modular Megascans Assets

Check out a few modular assets from recent collections for urban environment scene production. 

For this digest, we went through a few new collections, including Nordic-Classical Modular Building, Neoclassical Modular Building, and Modular Interior, and gathered assets that would help you build a realistic scene. 

1.Modular Building 1st Floor Kit

Check out a nice kit from a nordic-classical building. The walls would work nicely for an atmospheric modern scene of a living block of the city. Modular approach will come in handy to recreate the streets made in one architecture style, feel free to add some details to bring diversity. 

2. Modular Building 4th Floor Kit

A kit from the Neoclassical Modular  Building collection would be a great alternative for a nordic-classical collection. The asset comes with all features of the architectural style. Feel free to adjust the surface to make it fit in the scene’s vibe. 

3. Modular Building Balcony 

Can you imagine a neoclassical building without a fancy balcony? So can’t we. This piece might seem as a small one but it can help make the scene look complete or go as a nice additional detail. The asset already has a wear-and-tear look but we think that adding some vegetation would be a nice addition. 

4. Worn Herringbone Parquet 

If you’re working on the interior scene, the worn parquet can be a good choice. Add more details and texture to customize the floor for your project. 

5. Modular Interior Wall

This Interior wall asset would be helpful to bring the vintage style to your art piece. Changing the wallpaper or tweaking the wooden surface gives you some space for creativity. 

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