Creating Procedural Paintings with Genetic Evolution Algorithm

Have a look at Shahriar Shahrabi's experiment with Compute Shaders in Unity.

Shahriar Shahrabi has recently shared his experiment with procedural paintings based on a genetic algorithm made in Unity 3D with the help of Compute Shaders. The work was inspired by similar experiments from Anastasia Opara.  

What is the genetic algorithm? The developer described it as a search operation that is all about evolution. This algorithm is looking for the best answer to a problem. It doesn't know the answer but it can tell how fitting a given answer is. Basically, the algorithm finds an answer with the highest fitness score based on a function you define.

How can that help you paint a picture, you might ask. You can check out the article by Shahriar here on how the whole thing works and how it generates paintings. You can also find the source on Github. The code is well documented, so you will get started in no time.

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