Creating the Rat King from The Last of Us 2

Members of the Naughty Dog TLoU 2 development team spoke about the creation of The last of Us Part 2's monstrous Rat King.

Those who played The Last of Us 2 will definitely remember the Rat King, a disgusting and monstrous abomination encountered underneath the hospital. From the development point of view, the creation of this horror was no easy feat to pull off and that is why six members of the Naughty Dog TLoU 2 development team spoke with IGN about the creation of The Last of Us Part 2's terrifying monster. The developers discussed the conception and design of the creature, the difficulties and ingenious tricks the TLoU 2 developers pulled off to make the Rat King an imposing foe in-game, and the gameplay and design hurdles and creative opportunities that arose as Naughty Dog created this new monster. 

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  • Kushner Ivan

    I remember fighting it for the 1st time and running into what seemed to me as a dead end, when the Rat King gets stuck in a doorway and I, high on adrenaline, see that the room I'm trapped in actually has a window in it, so I jump out of the enclosed space as Abby yells "I'm not dying today". I remember this feeling of total despair and fear changing to hope and will to survive. Crazy how important level design can be for a boss fight in a game. Naughty Dog pushing the envelope yet again.


    Kushner Ivan

    ·2 years ago·

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