Dead Space Remake Is Being Created As "One Sequential Shot"

Motive Studio devs shared that the Dead Space remake will expand the original game's lore and bring players an "unbroken experience" as it is being made as "one sequential shot."

Electronic Arts recently released the first part of its new blog, Inside Dead Space, where the developers from Motive Studio shared a few details on the upcoming horror remake as well as some insights into the development process.

Speaking of the source material, the game's Senior Producer Philippe Ducharme shared that the team is very careful and respectful of the original game. He said that the developers' main goal when creating the remake is to convey the spirit of the original title preserving its key elements. However, he noted that despite this, the game will certainly introduce some innovations that should appeal to both new players and returning ones.  

To make sure that the game both feels familiar and recognizable and is built in a way so that the returning players could discover something new, the developers took an unusual step – they invited "the hardest of the hardcore fans" as advisors.

These fans made up the so-called Community Council – once every six weeks they visited the studio to evaluate the work done and help the team to bounce ideas off. The creators of the Dead Space remake shared that while making the game they had "a number of polarizing topics" and it was the fans who helped the devs make the final decisions. 

Speaking of the game itself, the developers noted that the remake will be "much more than a simple modernization of the original" – for instance, the title will add some plot details from the second and the third parts of the franchise as well as some additional lore from the comics. The devs also shared that some characters that appeared only in audio logs in the original game, like Dr. Cross, for example, will have some actual screen time in the remake.

The Dead Space remake will also add several side missions that will reveal the story of Nicole – Isaac Clarke's girlfriend – more deeply. During the completion of these quests, players will be able to find out what happened to the character's beloved one during the initial attack on the Ishimura.

The game will also bring some improvements to lighting, volumetric effects, and shadows. The combat in the Dead Space remake will become more dynamic with the new graphical effects for shredding enemies adding a few more strategic elements to it.

The devs also shared that the remake will feel more like an "unbroken experience" as the devs are creating the game as "one sequential shot." Players will almost always be able to travel anywhere in the Ishimura to look for missed supplies and other secrets. There will be practically no restrictions on moving around the sectors of the ship. The only time when players will see the load screen is when the character dies.

You can learn more about the new features in the game and details of the development process by reading the Inside Dead Space blog here. Also, don't forget to join our Reddit page and our Telegram channel, follow us on Instagram and Twitter, where we share breakdowns, the latest news, awesome artworks, and more.

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