DECALmachine: Work with Decals in Blender
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by Alvar Lagerlöf
9 hours ago

Dammit. Not again. This is path tracing not Ray tracing. Ray tracing is practically an hybrid scam. This is the real stuff, the stuff from Disney and Pixar movies. Stop helping Nvidia sell ray tracing. It's not good.

Link is down

DECALmachine: Work with Decals in Blender
24 April, 2017

DECALmachine is a Blender add-on by Gumroad user machin3 that simplifies and automates work with mesh based decals, bringing quick design thinking, iteration and exploration. The toolkit is all about non-committal, non-destructive way. DECALmachine should be used with Blender’s Cycles renderer.


  • use decals on flat surfaces and project them on curved surfaces
  • ‘cut’ decal panel lines in a boolean-like manner
  • parallax adds convincing depth to normal mapped decals
  • retain sharp details at all scales, independent of texture resolution
  • decal and panel UV creation is automatic and base meshes don’t need UVs
  • change panel decal width and panel type after a panel has been ‘cut’
  • change the panel decal shape and direction after it has been ‘cut’
  • retrieve the original un-pojected decal sources at any time
  • retrieve the cutters of panel decals at any time
  • material cutting and material decals
  • separate decal subset materials
  • separate panel materials for each side side and panel flipping to switch those sides
  • match decals to target materials
  • panel unwrapping for custom drawn or modified panel decals
  • quickly rotate decals in 45 degree steps without leaving face snapping
  • 104 decal assets supplied

Suggested tools for the best experience:

Get DECALmachine for $12+

Source: Gumroad

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DECALmachine v1.2 was just released and now has its own asset/decal loader! There’s also a guide for custom decal creation out @