Deliver Justice in This Upcoming Physics FPS Powered by Unreal Engine

Stop criminal scum in GUARDS!, a co-op medieval hack-and-slash game.

Check out GUARDS!, an upcoming 1-4 player co-op FPS in a medieval setting that puts you in the shoes of a city guard and lets you fight criminal scum in a high-octane hurricane of stylized violence, bringing justice and order back to the corrupt streets of New Alestead.

Developed by LowkeyGameDev and WYLDERZONE, the game features impressive physics powered by Epic Games' Unreal Engine. Combining FPS and hack-and-slash elements, GUARDS! offers a huge arsenal of justice dispensers, including barrels, planks, bits of door, regular weapons, and even your boot.

Besides unfiltered action and pure fun, the role of a city guard also requires doing some actual work, so you'll frequently find yourself apprehending suspects, confiscating illegal items, or escorting important figures out of the city.

To defeat the criminal gangs infesting the city, you'll also need to know your foe and your surroundings, studying enemy patrol routes, gang compositions, and any environmental elements that could be leveraged to your advantage prior to engaging in large-scale battles.

"Three rival factions control the city. The Fogtoof Boyz, an Orc gang with a reputation for violence and destruction. The Commision, a band of rogue merchants whose lust for power put them on the wrong side of the law, and The Corpse Cult, a religious organization infecting the city by turning its followers into mindless zombies. Each gang has a kingpin. Take out the kingpin, you take out the gang. You will have to work your way up the food chain in order to find the kingpins' locations and assault their hideouts."

Image Credit: LowkeyGameDev, GUARDS!

Image Credit: LowkeyGameDev, GUARDS!

Image Credit: LowkeyGameDev, GUARDS!

The game is set to be launched in March 2024. You can learn more about GUARDS! and access the demo version of the game on Steam.

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