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Designer Shares How He Got to Work with Marvel

Iron Man's glass phone is John LePore's project.

Every artist wishes to work with a big studio like Marvel, but what does it take to actually get on its radar? Artist, designer, creative director, and Emmy-nominated futurist John LePore has an answer to this question as his work was once noticed at the studio, and he has worked on 24 films and 8 streaming series with Marvel since then.

Iron Man 2 was the first movie for LePore, which started as a request for one animated loop but ended with over 100 VFX shots. Together with his colleagues at Perception, he was asked to do this little part but during the call, heard someone mention Tony Stark's glass phone, and this sparked an amazing idea.

"Over a weekend, armed with Glass cut from Home Depot, my team & I designed and animated this test.

"This was the era of the OG iPhone, and it was thrilling to apply my design & animation skills to interaction concepts & UI features."

Months later, the team got the job. "As newbies, we had to overhaul approach and processes. 32-bit color & LUTs (uncommon in '09), new hardware, and security protocols that drastically changed collaboration." With time and effort, the team earned more trust and got more work, basically designing Tony's gadgets and more. 

"The morning of release, I sent emails to tech blogs (some of the highest trafficked websites in '10), and the next morning we had headline stories in them all. Our work debuted in front of filmgoers, and the tech industry at large."

Aside from Marvel, LePore worked for other big companies designing fantastic projects. If you want to see his career path, check out his X/Twitter, especially this thread.

LePore is also known for his magical mixed reality concepts, like the Formula 1 virtual space and an NBA match right on your table.

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