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This Mixed Reality Concept Makes Formula 1 More Immersive Than Ever

Watch a race while watching the race.

Image credit: LePore

Mixed reality is an almost magical tech that enables fantastic projects, although it still has a long way to go before it becomes what we all imagined the future would be. However, this concept by John LePore could definitely push MR in the right direction.

LePore showed that you can follow Formula 1 cars in virtual space in real time. So you can "put" the track on your table, turn the TV on, and watch not only what the broadcast has to offer but also the position of the vehicles, the list of participants, and other useful information about the race. 

As LePore noted, there have been similar projects for football games, for example, but they could display approximate player locations only. His idea is precise and provides realistic models of cars, which are much easier to create than people. 

The whole simulation is happening thanks to Apple's Vision Pro, a great $3,499 headset that is still waiting for more use cases, and 3D prototyping support from Sanu Sagar, another talented designer.

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