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Video Player with Real-Time Lighting in Mixed Reality

Using Quest 3's Passthrough to bring the digital and real together.

Take a look at another great feat possible with Meta Quest 3's Passthrough feature, which combines your surroundings with the digital image in your headset. Reddit user tomasay3 set up a video player with real-time lighting and reflections in Unity so you can enjoy your favorite show in Mixed Reality and it looks like a real monitor on your desk.

Image credit: tomasay3

The creator rendered a transparent quad, filled it with the global illumination and reflection data, and then anchored it to the surface of the player. 

"I have a custom shader that renders light only that's anchored to the table. Reflections were a bit trickier so I just made a transparent mirrored duplicate of the video player that overlays on the table," tomasay3 said in the comments.

Image credit: tomasay3

Mixed reality is rapidly seeping into our lives (or the lives of those who have a headset). We've seen cool dynamic shadows, car scans and card games, experienced a zombie invasion, played Minecraft, and so much more. 

Here are some other cool things you can do with Passthrough:

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