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Exploring Dynamic Real-Time Shadows in Mixed Reality

Are we in the future?

Dennys Kuhnert, a talented XR Creator and Developer, recently shared an impressive video where Kuhnert delves into the realm of dynamic real-time shadows for mixed reality.

In the post, Kuhnert addresses the current limitations, expressing disappointment that there is presently no means to access environment light data through the device, but he remains optimistic for future advancements in this area.

Image credit: Dennys Kuhnert

Undeterred by this constraint, Kuhnert devised a clever workaround for his experiment. Employing interactive sunlight in the setup, the developer aimed to achieve a seamless alignment between the virtual lighting and the actual lighting within the room. By carefully manipulating this light source, Kuhnert sought to ensure that the virtual shadows synchronized with the real-world environment, enhancing the overall immersion.

Image credit: Dennys Kuhnert

Capturing this innovative exploration, Dennys recorded the entire process using the popular Meta Quest 3 headset, allowing viewers to witness firsthand the fascinating results of the dynamic real-time shadow experiment.

Image credit: Dennys Kuhnert

Image credit: Dennys Kuhnert

Previously, Kuhnert conducted some other experiments, specifically focusing on stress testing the hand system in the Hand Physics Lab, which Dennys founded. The creator tried to push the system to its limits, striving to maintain the most realistic and natural dynamics possible for wrist and finger movements.

Here are some other posts that Kuhnert shared.

In 2021, we also discussed Kuhnert's VR creation shared via Twitter, check it out below:

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Preview image by Dennys Kuhnert

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