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Learning to Play Guitar in Mixed Reality

This incredible simulation by Sergei Galkin almost brings Guitar Hero to MR.

Mixed reality (MR) is a fantastic thing that can help us explore countless ideas, but the best part is that it can teach us in a way that's easier to understand than what we're used to.

AR creator Sergei Galkin demonstrated this fact in this fun simulation where he played guitar looking at virtual chords changing with the music. What a take on real-life Guitar Hero!

Other enthusiasts also had some interesting creations to show off this year:

Naturally, this is not the first time creative minds thought about playing instruments in MR. Piano is arguably the most popular one, so you can find cases of MR concerts online easily enough.

If all of these ideas turn into reality, I think VR headset sales will get a significant boost. Galkin wouldn't be helping the trend with guitar lessons only: there are plenty of curious ideas on his X/Twitter, and some of them, like this concept of a mixed reality game, we've already covered.

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