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This Game Is Bringing Sword Art Online to Mixed Reality

Subspace Hunter allows you to fight monsters in VR or your local park.

When Sword Art Online came out, it made fans transfixed by the idea of exploring virtual worlds and fighting big bad guys in reality. What if the concept made its way to the latest headsets? Subspace Hunter by XuKing might help it happen.

"In 2023, subspace cracks appeared all over the world, and many demons from different worlds invaded the real plane. For this reason, XuKing company developed a game to enable humans to see the enemies in subspace through special glasses, and fight with them to hunt demons from different worlds and guard the real plane."

Subspace Hunter is a VR action game that also introduces a mixed reality mode, which shines especially with the newest headsets like Meta Quest 3 and Apple's Vision Pro. In the game, players have to stop the invasion of various subspace monsters using a variety of guns, swords, and magic. It supports gesture tracking and gamepad-free play and can be played as a single-player or a multiplayer game.

You can participate in a dual or spawn a bunch of enemies to kill – the choice is yours, and if you don't feel ready, check out the training option first.

The game is not fully released yet, but there is a demo available, offering 13 enemies of different fighting styles, four annihilation missions, and more than 20 hours of game experience. 

XuKing Studio is planning to implement many more great features in the future if its funding campaign succeeds, including:

  • Online multiplayer online games: PVE, PVP
  • LAN MR Multiplayer online games: PVE, PVP
  • Virtual space VR scenes corresponding to enemy style
  • Improved magic system
  • Better firearms systems
  • Improved sword strike system
  • Player Achievements
  • Player character growth system
  • RPG game systems

Image credit: XuKing Studio

Image credit: XuKing Studio

Image credit: XuKing Studio

According to its roadmap on Discord, the studio started working on the full version in August and should finish in May 2024. Then again, it all depends on how much money the developers get, so everything might change soon.

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