Download a Comprehensive Character AI Framework For Unity

With 19 included example scenes and a dedicated Setup Manager, the pack has everything you need to set up character AI for games.

Check out Emerald AI 2024, Black Horizon Studios' recently released AI framework for Unity that lets you easily set up high-quality character AI for games. Thanks to its multi-component design, intuitive editors, and extensive built-in functionalities, Emerald AI 2024 streamlines workflow and gives developers the freedom to use only the features they need for their projects. The framework features 19 sample scenes, each highlighting various capabilities, and seamlessly integrates with the engine's Built-In Render Pipeline, URP, and HDRP.

Other features include:

  • Setup Manager: Consisting of two lists – one for mandatory components and another for optional ones – the Setup Manager simplifies the AI setup process, enabling users to specify which components they wish to include in their AI creations.
  • Animation Viewer: This tool enables users to quickly see an AI's animations in real-time, right within their scene of the Unity Editor, with a timeline, slider, and various settings. The animations come from an AI's Animation Profile where all their animations are stored. This extension also allows users to quickly create Animation Events using a list of Emerald AI preset events.
  • Animation Profiles: Animation Profiles are objects that hold all of an AI's animations and an Animator. Each time an animation is applied, it updates the attached Animator (so users don't have to apply them manually). They can also be shared across multiple AI
  • Modular Combat Actions: Combat Actions are modular actions an AI can use while in combat. The included Combat Actions (dodge, block, strafe, switch target, and more) were all created using this modular system. Users can also code their own custom Combat Actions if desired.
  • Strafing Support: The optional ability for AI to strafe around their targets and generate attacks helping them catch their targets off-guard.
  • Reactive Dodging Support: The optional ability for AI to detect and dodge incoming projectiles and melee attacks, when within range of an enemy. This also works for player attacks.
  • Reactive Blocking Support: The optional ability for AI to detect and block projectiles and melee attacks, when within range of an enemy. This also works for player attacks.
  • Recoiling Support: The optional ability for AI to play a recoiling animation if a target blocks during an attack.
  • Weapon Collision Support: Allows an AI's weapon's collider to deal damage to targets. This can also be used for other collision-based attacks like an AI hitting its targets with its bodies or a charge attack.
  • Multiple Weapon Type Support: Allows AI to switch between two weapon types. This can be two ranged weapons, two melee weapons, or a combination of both. How an AI switches its weapon type can be based on distance from its target or by time.
  • Sound Detection: Gives AI the ability to hear unseen targets. When player targets enter an AI's Detection Radius, their movement and velocity are tracked to simulate noise levels. If a player is moving fast enough, it will increase an AI's Threat Amount which will trigger a list of modular user set reactions.
  • Location-Based Damage: Allows internal colliders on an AI to receive damage and have customizable damage multipliers, such as headshots doing more damage than hits to limbs.
  • Create Any AI: Create any kind of AI such as AI with guns, punishing bosses, guards, villagers, mages, archers, bandits, creatures, animals/wildlife, zombies, companions, pets, hovering robots, and so much more.
  • Built-in Combat Text System: An optional global system that allows damage to be displayed via damage text UI around targets. There are tons of customization options and several options for how the damaged text is animated.
  • And much, much more!

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