E-on Software Launched PlantCatalog

Check out the online library with procedural 3D vegetation assets. 

E-on Software has released PlantCatalog, a subscription-only catalog with procedural 3D vegetation assets. 

E-on Software is the developer of solutions for all stages of creating natural 3D environments. Founded in 1997, the company has been acquired by Bentley Systems, e-on software focuses on the research and development to simplify the production process and speed it up. 

PlantCatalog offers an unlimited collection of 3D procedural vegetation assets for CG projects with an annual subscription. Assets go in HD, LD, RT and fully textured. The library goes with PlantCatalog Exporter, so you can customize the assets as you wish. There are also plugins for 3ds Max and Maya to load the assets directly into the software. 

Get the library here

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  • Anonymous user

    Hi, I don't think its appropriate to use an artist his portfolio image without him knowing by simply cropping the header and footer.
    Original here:
    Not only is it kind of disrespectful to the artist, it potentially creates copy right issues with EA/Disney licensed imagery. Since its being used to promote software for another company.


    Anonymous user

    ·3 months ago·

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E-on Software Launched PlantCatalog