Epocu: Social Marketing Platform for Games
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Epocu: Social Marketing Platform for Games
13 January, 2015

If you’re looking for a new way to promote games, try Epocu – a new community-based service to test and promote your projects.

Epocu is one of the new services that help developers promote and test gaming ideas. This platform is aimed at the upcoming games, which haven’t been released yet. It’s absolutely free. Right now, marketing games can get pretty difficult, so it’s nice to have an alternative promotional method.

epocu 80.lv

Marketing of games is getting more and more difficult because indie game development has increased so much lately. People tend to love success stories like Notch‘s and get inspired to try and do the same. A friend of ours who has worked for IO Interactive and had a high position on development of Hitman Absolution for example told us that 7/10 indie games fail to ever earn its creation cost. This is what inspired us to create Epocu, – told Epocu representative to 80.lv.

Epocu is different from other marketing methods, because it heavily relies on the community. There’s a very strong social aspect to it. Epocu allows indie game developers to get help by their current audience and spread a message about their game on a chosen date. That date could, for example, be the release day or the start of the crowdfunding campaign. The important thing is that gamers don’t learn about the game through Epocu website, but through the message the developer has written.

epocu 80.lv

To draw attention of the audience the developers are encouraged to use multiple social networks, to publish various videos and screenshots and to write good description of the game. If you do everything right, you will be able to get great hype and a lot of social network presence.

Some may find Epocu a bit similar to Kickstarter, because you do gather supporters here, just like you gather pledges on Kickstarter. If you don’t get enough supporters, the campaign won’t start. However in reality these services couldn’t be more different.

Epocu has nothing to do with money; it’s all about social marketing. All Epocu has in common with Kickstarter is that it is a marketing platform. We hope that more platforms like Epocu will be created to ease the amount of effort required to create a successful game, – say Epocu devs.

This service is quite young and there’s still much the developers have to learn about it. Right now Epocu has a lot of puzzle and platform games, but it’s hard to say exactly why these kinds of games are popular.

If you’re looking for cool new marketing methods, give Epocu a chance. It’s definitely worth it.


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