Facebook's AI Can Copy & Replicate the Style of a Text Using a Picture

Only one photo is needed to extract the information about the font and imitate it on any other word you choose to type in. 

The new TextStyleBrush by Facebook is an AI research project that can copy the style of any text in a photo, and it only needs a single word to do that. It can help you edit and replace texts in your images while maintaining the desired style and keeping the original font. 

What makes this AI tool so special is that it can understand and replicate the nuances of both text in real-world scenes and handwriting (which is quite the challenge for AI mechanisms). This means AI can understand an unlimited amount of text styles and figure out the way texts are transformed (curved, rotated, deformed). TextStyleBrush is the first self-supervised AI model that can do all this using just one example word.

According to Facebook, the new AI tool works similar to the way style brush tools work in word processors. Unlike the previous tools that define specific parameters of the text such as typeface, TextStyleBrush is built on a more holistic training approach and it takes into account the entire context of a word, analyzing every detail of its appearance. 

The team says this AI project demonstrates that AI systems can learn to transfer text styles with astounding accuracy using only one word as an example. There are, however, certain limitations the researchers are currently working on, such as text written in metallic objects or characters in different colors.

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