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Fans Think Take-Two's AI Patents Will Result in Smarter NPCs in GTA 6

Interiors could be generated based on tags.

Image credit: Rockstar Games

Take-Two Interactive, Rockstar Games' parent company, has a particular view on AI. Last year, its CEO Strauss Zelnick expressed how much more interesting and fun artificial intelligence could make NPCs, and now, fans suspect that the company will apply its inventions in this field to GTA 6.

Several patents from Take-Two have made players think that the company is working in this area and might introduce smarter NPCs and AI-generated interiors to the famous series. Redditor NoDevelopment894 pointed out two cases that we might see in Rockstar's next game. Based on the patents, GTA 6's NPCs will react to what's happening around them, which will influence their responses and animations. 

So if you do something weird, onlookers won't just stand around pointlessly, they will comment on your actions and maybe even stay away from you. The weather can also affect their mood and make them perform certain actions.

"By way of example, a player character can have a first suite of animations consistent with the character's default/neutral behaviors. But, as the game story develops, the character might be put into situations where the default/neutral behavior animation is not suitable. For example, at certain parts of the game the character might have exerted a lot of energy and be tired. As a further example, the weather in the game environment might be rainy, cold, or snowy. ... In these situations, to provide a more realistic game, the character's animation style should advantageously change to reflect these changed character states to provide and provide a more realistic game," reads the "System and method for virtual character locomotion" patent.

As for the housing, another important part of any GTA game, interiors are rumored to be randomly generated based on tags indicating the style of the area. For example, downtown apartments will have clean and expensive decor, wile rundown homes will sport cheap or broken items.

"As another example, an older run-down neighborhood could be created by populating it with a higher proportion of assets tagged “old,” “worn_down,” “rusty,” “cheap,” etc. In game play where the player is attempting to improve the city they live in, as the player performs well in the game the game engine can slowly replace the objects tagged as described above with objects tagged “new,” “high-end,” “hipster,” “renovated,” etc. to indicated that the neighborhood is improving," states "System and method for game object and environment generation".

The same tag system can be used for other items, not just interiors.

Naturally, these patents, which aren't that recent, don't prove anything and can't guarantee we'll get advanced AI generation in GTA 6. However, Take-Two working on them could mean we'll see all that, especially combined with Zelnick's words. After all, what's a better game to use these inventions in than GTA? 

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