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Fight Prehistoric Aquatic Creatures in This Single-Player Game With Monster Hunter Vibes

Kei Shibuya has shared a new demo for the Unity-powered action-adventure game Glaciered.

Studio Snowblind, a one-person indie game studio founded by Game Developer Kei Shibuya, has recently shared a couple of new flashy demos for Glaciered, an upcoming action-adventure game that takes place on a glacier-covered Earth 65 million years in the future after the 'Everwinter' has transformed the planet’s surface into a sheet of ice.

In Glaciered, you play as a Tuai, descended from birds and successors of the dinosaurs, trying to survive in the frozen world.

The game introduces real-time combat, seamlessly blending melee and ranged attacks, accompanied by special abilities derived from the character's avian and dinosaur lineage. Players can strategically combine diverse abilities and passive skills, including high-speed swimming to carve supercritical water tunnels, temporal crystal blades, and more.

Image Credit, Studio Snowblind, Glaciered

The newly released demos provided a closer look at the game's Diye, a gigantic armored shark inspired by Dunkleosteus, showing the main character attacking the sea monster's vulnerable parts in order to defeat it.

As stated by the developer, Diye is Glaciered's second mini-boss, which, while slow and somewhat sluggish, is very resilient and relentless, using its own armored head and razor-sharp teeth as weapons. Much like the game itself, the creature was set up using Unity.

Image Credit, Studio Snowblind, Glaciered

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