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Finland-Inspired Procedural Swamp Biome Made With Blender

The scene was set up by Jesse Miettinen using Geometry Nodes.

3D Blender Artist Jesse "Blenderesse" Miettinen has recently shared a series of demos showcasing an absolutely gorgeous 3D swamp environment inspired by the marchlands of Finland, the artist's homeland.

Created as a personal project for Jesse's short movie, this procedural landscape was set up in Blender using the software's Geometry Nodes toolset. Additionally, the author utilized some of the vegetation assets offered by the Geo-Scatter plug-in and the Camera Shakify add-on to set up the realistic camera shake.

"I built my own setup for this cause I needed the biome to also affect the ground shape," commented the creator. "There's deeper ponds and areas near pines and some denser scatter are higher. Wind is just noise texture rotation, multiplied by the 'stiffness' value per type."

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