Florida Joker: "I Want My Pain and Suffering Money NOW"

According to Sullivan's latest TikTok, he's already in talks with a lawyer to build "the biggest case" against Rockstar.

Another day, another attempt by Lawrence Sullivan, also known as Florida Joker, to get some money from Rockstar for featuring a character heavily resembling him in their record-breaking trailer for the upcoming Grand Theft Auto 6, released earlier this month.

Earlier in this protracted drama, Sullivan publicly called out Rockstar for the alleged use of his likeness in the trailer without proper compensation, telling the developer that they "gotta talk" and giving Rockstar three days to pay him "like a mil or two" for what he perceives as the "biggest free marketing in the history of GTA".

In his latest TikTok response to Rockstar's refusal to promptly pay him millions, Sullivan stated that he is already in talks with his lawyer, working on what he deems "the biggest case" against the developer. This time, in addition to his previous allegations, the Joker demanded compensation for the "pain and suffering" he says to have endured following the trailer's release, claiming to have been harassed. Sullivan further gave Rockstar 48 hours to contact him, threatening to take "legal actions" if his demands were not satisfied.

In addition, the Joker also addressed Lindsay Lohan's 2013 failed attempt to sue the Grand Theft Auto creator for the alleged use of her likeness for GTA V's promotional materials, which many compare to the ongoing situation, saying that unlike her, he's "got a case".

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